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Red Girl Scout Daisy Petal

This week we worked on the Red Daisy Petal.  Girls who earn the Red Petal understand how to be courageous and strong.


I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity for her to earn this petal!  A local church was having a fall festival.  One of the many activities offered was Rock Climbing.  Daisy Red Petal

This activity epitomized courage and strength.  This is a child who is terrified to ride a bike, walk next door, or swim in shallow water (we’re talking the bathtub here).  However, when she realized that she could earn this petal that we had been going over all week, she was determined to make it to the top!

Below are links to some of the resources I used to make this activity extra special.

  1. Red Daisy Petal Certificate
  2. Tula the Tulip worksheet
  3. Courageous and strong coloring page
  4. I am courageous and strong writing page