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Introducing Wednesday Pinsday

I confess!  I have become “that lady.”  You know the cliché mom type toting the big book of coupons dressed in her yoga gear that you see every week in the supermarket.  She hasn’t been to yoga in almost a year, her to-do list is just under 40 pages long, she has a couple Cheerios in one cup of her bra and Goldfish crackers in the other, and she has no clue how either got there.  Yep, I’m “that lady.”  I have pinned hundreds of recipes, workout ideas, and crafts to various boards on Pinterest, but I rarely get around to cooking, working out or crafting.  Well, all of that changes now!  Maybe.  The plan is to transform my Wednesdays to “My Pinsdays.”  My spell check doesn’t like that word, but I LOVE it.  Each Wednesday I will pick at least one pinned project and attempt to create it.    Here is week one: Doc Mcstuffins’ party invitation.

I ran across this super cute card made for a mad scientist party.  I thought it would be perfect for the invite but with a few changes.

I found it here.  Life in Wonderland: A Science Party.

Here is their version…

Lab Coat Card Adorable right?  I can’t wait to share my version.



Tuesday Tutorial: Big Book of Boo Boos

Big Book of Boo Boos CraftMost of us learned to love crafting by creating messy works of art with our mothers.  Today we can sometimes get so distracted while planning kids’ parties that we forget to include the kids.  It has become more about posting perfect pictures to our blogs than spending time with our loved ones.  I’ve been caught up in this before, but I didn’t want to do that with this party.

Last week my toddler and I made a Doc Mcstuffins sign with craft sticks and school glue.  It didn’t turn out picture-perfect, but she couldn’t be more proud. Doc Mcstuffins Door Sign Today I’d like to feature another kid friendly craft.  We made the Doc’s Big Book of Boo Boos.  We didn’t want them to be exactly like hers, but we wanted them to feature some of Doc’s drawings, fun coloring sheets, activities, and some blank sheets for their own drawings.

  1. The first step was to google  Doc Mcstuffins coloring sheets and print them.  We printed two per page by changing the settings on the printer so that we could fold them into a book.    Doc Mcstuffins Coloring Sheets
  2. We then played Doc games on Disney’s website and printed several of Doc’s drawings from there.  Big Book of Boo Boos
  3. The next step was to glue scrapbook paper to white cardstock because we didn’t have any colorful cardstock on hand.  I used these as the inside of my book covers and folded them together.  I always use safe glue when working with the toddler.  Doc Mcstuffins Craft
  4. I cut purple bakers twine into about 17” strips and tied them in a double knot for the binding.  The knot should be on the white side of the cardstock. Doc Mcstuffins Craft2
  5. Then we glued 8 ½ x 11 sheets of purple felt to the blank side card stock covering the knot and trimmed any extra fabric. Doc Mcstuffins Craft3
  6. I folded a 3×3 square in half and cut it into a heart to use as a template.  Doc Mcstuffins Craft4My toddler was amazed at this skill.  I explained that her Grandmother had taught me that trick when I was her age.
  7. We were able to get about 8 hearts out of one 8 ½ x 11 sheet of pink sparkly felt.  We glued them to the front of our books.   Doc Mcstuffins Craft6The hearts haven’t dried yet, but the glue will dry clear. I took this picture with my phone so you can’t really see the sparkles.  I may decide to add a bit more pink glitter to the hearts at a later time.

The most difficult part will be keeping her from coloring them all in before the party. 20130318_020028

Tuesday Tutorial: Doc Mcstuffins Door Sign

1Combating cancer has me running a bit behind on my Tuesday Tutorials, but nothing makes me feel better than crafting with my toddler!  This one is a quick, enjoyable and stress-free Popsicle stick and school glue craft for her approaching doctor themed play date.   1 Tools

  1. Gather Supplies
    1. Craft sticks
    2. Glue
    3. Card Stock
    4. String
    5. Scissors
    6. A computer and printer or crayons
    7. I used to print the picture and then cut it out.  Your toddler could also color a unique door sign using crayons. Prints
    8. Line up 5 craft sticks side by side as shown. 5 Sticks
    9. Paste two craft sticks vertically atop the five craft sticks near the edge of each side. 2 Vertical Sticks
    10. Paste two craft sticks horizontally on top of the two vertical craft sticks near the top and bottom. 2 Horizontal Sticks
    11. Tie a knot in each end of your string around the top bar. 2Tie String
    12. Continue pasting and alternating craft sticks until the sign reaches your desired depth.
    13. Paste a picture on each side of your frame. 3Glue Picture5 Hang
    14. Hang and enjoy!  My little one now insists that everyone enter through the front door.  She is so proud of her art. Doc Mcstuffins Door Sign