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Tutorial Tuesday! Easy Frozen Backdrop

Easy DIY Frozen Backdrop

It has been a while since I celebrated a Tuesday with a quick and easy tutorial. This is one that has been done again and again, but it is one of my favorites, and I use it at almost every party. The paper fan backdrop is an inexpensive go-to that even the non-creative DIYer can accomplish. This one is for a Frozen themed party, but it could work for any.

I use construction paper. I buy the 200 sheet package from Hobby Lobby for $1.99.  You’ll also need staples and optional snowflake stickers for embellishments.


Easy DIY Frozen Backdrop6


Begin by folding your paper accordion style.

Fold each sheet in half at the center.

Staple sides as shown.


I also like to cut various sizes for layering.

Have fun with your parties!

Frankenstein Treat Bags

I recently made these adorable treat bags for our upcoming Halloween Party.

1. Gather supplies.

2013-10-29 11.10.51

Green sacks, black paper, glue sticks, scissors, copy paper, and a black marker.2013-10-29 11.44.48  Frankenstein treat bagsWe ended up using a black poster board for the hair because that is what we had on hand.

2013-10-29 12.33.35We gave our Frankensteins various hairstyles and drew on a snazzy smile.

Halloween Treat Bags

We then cut white circles out of copy paper, and drew eyes using the black marker.

2013-12-04 13.46.26


The project was fun and easy.  Enjoy!


Hello Savings

Hello and happy Tuesday my party partners!  I ran across a good deal, and I wanted to share it with y’all.



I am planning a pink on pink Hello Kitty party, and I wanted to use these super cute flower charger plates.


The budget is tight, so $1.99 each at Hobby Lobby was a bit of a stretch.  I ran across them on sale for $1.00 at Michael’s, and I used my 15% off coupon that is always on my Michael’s phone app.  This made them only $0.85, and I got a coupon for $5 off my next purchase.  The coupon technically means that I just scored 10 of them for a total of $3.50.  I turned right around with the coupon, and purchased a few of these adorable glass milk bottles that were also on sale for $1.00.  Hello savings!

Glass Milk Bottles

Agency D3: Downsized

I absolutely fell in love with LifeWay Christian Bookstore’s latest VBS theme “Agency D3!” However I attend a smaller church that doesn’t participate in VBS. I didn’t want that to stop me from teaching this fabulous curriculum, so I decided to downsize it for a single classroom.  I will be teaching the 5 lessons over a 5 week period.  Below you’ll see how I downsized the rotations into one 4 wall classroom.

Agency D3 Communication HubAgency D3 BreakroomAgency D3 ABCAgency D3 CraftsAgency D3 MissionsAgency D3 LabAgency D3 LabAgency D3 Communications HubAgency D3Agency D3 Lab


Uncover Agency D3 Budget Saving Clues

Agency D3





LifeWay’s latest VBS theme, Agency D3, is so exciting that it’s difficult not to get lost in the details and lose your sight of your budget.  I attend a new small scale church that doesn’t participate in VBS, but I loved this theme so much that I decided to bring the agency to my Sunday school class.  These creative tricks and shopping tips can help directors and team leaders if you’re planning for 10 special agents or 10,000.

Tip # 1:            Dollar Tree is your friend.

I know that this is no secret, but even I was surprised by the amount of items that Dollar Tree offered in this theme.  I started by reading through all of the lessons and making a list of the items that I would need.  I found more than half of it at Dollar Tree.  I even found some unexpected items like tires for the training grounds.  Yes, I found tires at Dollar Tree that are even more perfect than getting them at the junk yard!  All of these items are also available at if you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your area.

Agency D3 Tires








The tires are inflatable pool toys.  I am going to fill these with water to weigh them down before the games begin.

Agency D3 Finger printing

No special agent briefcase is complete without a finger printing kit.  These stamp pads made creating that kit super simple.





Black Foam Board

Black foam boards are another must have item. These were upwards of $3 everywhere else.








Evidence Vault


I saw this idea on Pinterest, and decided to give it a go.


I also found the evidence boxes at Dollar tree.


There is no tutorial linked to it, but perhaps I will post one if it all works out.



Agency D3 Evidence Box Agency D3 Evidence













There was no way that I was paying $16.00 a roll for evidence tape, so I purchased regular packing tape.  I typed the words EVIDENCE SEAL in 100 point font and printed it on red construction paper.  I will use the packing tape to attach the construction paper making it look just like the pricier stuff.

Look at all of the other great Agency D3 Dollar store goodies!

Dollar Store Agency D3 Dollar Store Agency D3 Dollar Store Agency D3 Agency D3 Agency D3 Agency D3 Agency D3 Deals Doc1_Page_2


Frozen Fridays: Frozen Hairbows

I have coordinated several Frozen, Cinderella, Gender Reveal, and Baby Shower themed events this month.  I have managed to collect tons of light blue ribbons in the process.  Luckily I ran across a tutorial on Pinterest that showed me how to use utilize those scraps.  I am no professional bow maker, but even I can do this.  I tweaked her method just a tad, but you can find hers here.

  • I began by gathering my coordinating ribbons and cutting them all around 8” long.








  • Next I laid out my widest ribbon.  For me it was the tulle. I took two pieces and formed an x.








  • I then took the next two widest and made a cross.









  • I took the next widest and made another x.









  • I continued layering until I reached my thinnest ribbon.
















  • I then tied the center with a mini pony tail holder. I always have these for my girls, but if you don’t they are about 100 for $1.00 at any dollar store.  If you have craft wire, then that is probably a better option.  I just needed this to be a no cost project.






Most bow makers will encourage you to heat seal the ribbon edges from the very beginning.  I have made a few bows, and it works best for me to seal them at this level.  I often have to trim the ribbon if it doesn’t quite line up the way that I want it, so I just wait for this step.


  • For the mini center bow I laid out 8″ pieces of ribbon (each bow requires 2).
  • I creased the center for a target
  • 11
  • I placed a bit of glue on the right side of the crease and folded it over.
  • I placed a bit of glue on the left side of the crease and folded it over.
  • 12
  • I flipped the ribbon over and placed a dot of glue in the center and folded.  14 13
  • I then attached two together and glued to the center of the scrap bow.  15Frozen Hairbow
  • I hot glued a thin coordinating ribbon to the center of the bow just above the mini pony tail holder.
  • I held the pony-o in place, and wrapped the thin ribbon around it several times.  I placed a dot of glue each time.

Purple Petal: Hygiene Craft

This week we are working on the Respect Myself and Others purple petal.

Purple Girl Scout Petal

For this project we worked on brushing and flossing our teeth.


2013-12-30 20.30.45

We started with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of pink cardstock paper.

Fold it in half.

2013-12-30 20.31.40

Cut in a semi-oval shape.

Fold 1” at the crease.

2013-12-31 10.27.03

Flip and fold again to make the crease firm on both sides.

2013-12-31 10.26.51

This will allow room for your teeth, and it will make opening and closing it easier.

2013-12-31 10.27.29

We used mini marshmallows for the teeth.

2013-12-30 20.43.33

Start in the center, and work your way around.

2013-12-31 10.35.33

We put 16 on the top and bottom.

2013-12-31 10.35.47

2013-12-31 10.33.422013-12-31 10.38.55We then took string (we used baker’s twine) and pretended to floss and brush.

This craft was a great example of respecting ourselves.

2013-12-31 10.39.26


We also talked about wiping off the toilet seats for the next person and washing our hands to avoid spreading germs.

2013-12-31 10.04.33

I gave everyone a sample pack of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers to practice respecting others.  The hand sanitizers were donated from the local Little Clinic, and the toothbrushes and toothpastes were donated from the dentist office that we toured.


The girls earned their purple petal as well as this fun patch found here.



2013-12-30 20.29.22

Below are some links to creating the workbook.

2013-12-30 20.20.01

  • Coloring Page here girl-scouts-respect-myself
  • Certificate here 5018f6fed865b7cd3267228f9158c65f
  • Gloria coloring page here 1ad329e9bdfc9fbe4fd10e8fb1830b9b
  • Dental Health Worksheet here5d0e882d4d188ba6f91597bbd9a91efa
  • Dental Health Craft here
  • Manners Worksheet here manners-matchig-worksheet

Toy Doctor Beds

2013-07-28 10.59.25

This is a fun idea that I recently tried in my Sunday school class.  I taught the lesson for “My Brother’s Keeper.”

2013-07-28 11.00.00

We had stuffed animals that the toddlers needed to take care of with diapers, bottles, blankets etc.  I needed a dozen or so baby beds that were quick, lightweight, and inexpensive.  I found the perfect solution!  I used these tin roasting pans.

2013-12-28 11.27.11

They cost me about $1.00 each.  I took one sheet from goodwill and cut it into a dozen squares.

2013-07-28 10.59.38

The teddies fit perfectly into the pans.

2013-07-28 11.39.49

The kids had a ball!

2013-07-28 11.38.22 2013-07-28 11.38.27 2013-07-28 11.38.38 2013-07-28 11.38.46 2013-07-28 11.39.45 2013-07-28 11.42.34 2013-07-28 11.42.46 2013-07-28 11.42.59 2013-07-28 11.43.08 2013-07-28 11.43.46

I only wish I had thought of this before I started planning Doc Mcstuffins parties.